Meet The Baker

A humble home baker with a passion for perfecting recipes, experimenting and sourcing the best produce for my therapy sessions in the kitchen.
My little sister claims it was her introduction of Nigella Lawson’s How To Be A Domestic Goddess into our family home a few years ago that got the ball rolling but I think it goes further back to the days of sneaking into my grandparents pantry in South Africa for just one more jam biscuit, or maybe my late grandmothers personal recipe collection.
These days I find inspiration in seasonal ingredients, blogs and simply the challenge of inventing something new and getting it right. Eventually.

I love it all, from researching the best recipes, to working out how I’m going to adapt them and tweak them, to getting home and laying everything out in front of me. I stare into the oven and over the stove willing the cooking process to speed up even though my mother has always reminded me that ”a watched pot never boils”.  For me though, it’s the joy of seeing other people enjoy my food that I really love. I usually make a little extra one on the side to try (also to see if it was a success or not) plus I get to lick the bowl. Win.

Although a lover of all things sweet, I’ll take a fruit dessert over a chocolate one any day.
The Friday Baker. X